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What Are All the Different Types of Condoms?

When you hear the word “condom” what comes to mind? It’s likely a standard latex condom that can be purchased in your local pharmacy, right? One size fits all, most of them about the same, no real surprises.

However, the truth is that there are nearly as many types and styles of condoms as there are people using them. From different sizes, textures and flavors to specific materials, designs and styles, there are dozens of options out there for your condom needs.

Need a refresher? Here’s a rundown of the main types of condoms, what they offer the wearer and how you can find the perfect ONE® Condom for you:

Standard-Sized Latex Condoms

These are the most well-known condoms designed to be worn on the penis, made from natural rubber latex and often available at pharmacies, clinics, bars, Planned Parenthood and community centers. Latex condoms are designed to protect wearers from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unintended pregnancy, and are about 98% effective when used consistently and correctly. Unfortunately, not everyone can use these condoms as some people have a latex allergy, and latex condoms cannot be used with oil-based lubricants like Vaseline (petroleum jelly), lotions or creams.

Color Condoms

Looking to add a splash of color to your sex life? Color condoms may be the right condoms for you. These latex condoms are just like standard condoms offer, but with a colorful twist: made from natural rubber latex, light silicone-based lubricant coat, free of harmful chemicals and a reservoir tip to boot. Not sure what your favorite condom color is just yet?

Check out ONE® Color Sensations Condoms Pack which offers red, orange, yellow, green, emerald, aqua, blue, lavender, purple and black condoms in colorful wrappers. If you’re looking for a more custom, edgy design, consider ONE® Tattoo Touch Condoms, which feature three unique tattoo designs in 3 colors and ribbed for your pleasure! 

Extra Large Condoms

If you are looking for a little bigger bang for your buck, extra-large condoms may be your best bet. These condoms are generally longer and wider than standard condoms, for those needing a little more real estate. Beyond being made of the same high quality natural rubber latex and being vegan-friendly and non-GMO, these condoms also include a roomier head designed for pleasure. If this is the condom for you or you’re interested in sampling them, ONE® Legend XL Condoms are for you. If you need an even larger size, check out myONE Perfect Fit’s 60 condom sizes. MyONE includes 10 lengths and 9 girths – the most sizes of any brand. MyONE also includes the world’s largest and smallest condom currently.

Extra Lubricated Condoms

The text Extra Lubricated is next to a ONE Super Sensitive condom and wrapper.


These condoms are designed to help you slide into sexual pleasure and heightened sensitivity at a moment’s notice. With a more liberal application of silicone-based lubricant, these condoms are smooth and soft to the touch, and increase sensation for the wearer.

Take for example, ONE® Super Sensitive Condoms, which feature an ultra-thin latex design, a straight-walled shape and 50% more silicone-based lubricant right out of the wrapper! And of course, like all ONE Condoms, these condoms are also made from premium materials, tested for quality and free of harmful chemicals.

Flared Condoms

No, these condoms are not flared like the bell bottoms of years past. Instead, these condoms are flared at the tip of the condom, making the condoms roomier and more pleasurable for the wearer. Just how much flare do these condoms have?

They increase in width by more than 30% towards the tip! This includes condoms like ONE® Pleasure Plus Condoms which has built in internal ribs for pleasure or ONE® Pleasure Dome Condoms which comes in packs of 50, for endless pleasure and fun. If you’re looking for a little more headroom to increase your comfort and sensation, look no further.

Flavored Condoms

Condoms can also help add some flavor to your sex life! Flavored condoms are infused with flavor or scents to enhance your sexual experience. When selecting a brand of flavored condoms, double check with the brand whether they use sweeteners or sugars in their flavoring. Sugar can cause a pH imbalance in the vagina, which can lead to yeast infections.

Condom wearers looking for a flavor blast can consider ONE® FlavorWaves Condoms, a selection of flavored condoms. Because FlavorWaves contain no sweeteners or sugars that would alter vagina pH levels, they are completely safe and intended for intercourse. Flavored condoms can be great for oral sex as well, swapping out the nondescript taste of latex for something sweeter. Learn more about oral sex and condoms.

And true to form, FlavorWaves have titillating, unique experiences for your tastebuds: Chocolate Strawberry, Island Punch, Fresh Mint, Bubblegum, Mint Chocolate, and Banana Split. All these flavors are still made from safe, premium ingredients and are paraben, glycerin, gluten, spermicide and fragrance free. Have a taste on our site! 

Glow-In-The-Dark Condoms 

Condoms like these can help “light up” your sex life! After briefly putting glow in the dark condoms under the light (30 seconds), these condoms can offer up to half an hour of illuminated ecstasy at a time. ONE® Glowing Pleasures Condoms are your best bet for this kind of condom and they’re a scientific feat. Our company actually invented glow in the dark condoms in back in the 90s.

Glowing Pleasures condoms are designed with a safe, non-toxic phosphorous pigment, microscopically inserted between the layers of latex. Not to mention they are free of harmful chemicals and are built with only the best premium materials. Light the way to a more pleasurable sex life with these condoms!

Textured Condoms

The text Textured Condoms is next to a ONE Super Studs studded condom and wrapper.


If you’ve ever seen condoms with grooves, ridges, ribs and bumps, those are called textured condoms and there’s a good reason behind the distinct design. As it turns out, these physical attributes can work to stimulate sensitive internal and external nerve endings by creating additional friction. Read more about how textured condoms work.

Condoms like this, such as the ONE® Super Studs Condoms, get rave reviews for this boost in stimulation and enhanced pleasure. The best part is that these condoms offer the same protection and peace of mind, and are equally durable and well-made.

Ultra Thin Condoms

The text Ultra Thin Condoms is next to a ONE UltraFeel condom.


Ultra thin condoms are great for users looking to feel closer than ever to their partner(s), with the knowledge that they will still be getting the same reliable protection. Despite their thinner design, ultra thin condoms are designed, tested and proven to be just as effective. Learn more about thin condoms.

Some examples of these condoms include ONE® VANISH Hyperthin Condoms and ONE® UltraFeel Condoms. Both of these condoms are made thinner than standard condoms, with proprietary ultra-soft latex, coated with silicone-based lubricant and triple tested for safety and reliability.

Custom-Sized Condoms

Did you know standard condoms properly fit only 12% of condom users? Many people struggle with condoms not fitting right, such as slippage (condoms too loose or long), squeezing & bunching, or erection loss because condoms are too tight. Most condoms are around 7.5 inches long. However, the average penis is about 5.5 inches, and there is great diversity in penis width or girth across the spectrum. That’s where custom-sized condoms come in, like myONE® Perfect Fit condoms. Just because condoms stretch, doesn’t mean they are comfortable for everyone. And many people struggle with standard condoms slipping off.

MyONE to the rescue! MyONE Condoms feature 10 lengths and 9 girths, for a total of 60 condom size options. This includes the world’s smallest and world’s largest condom. MyONE is designed to fit your unique body, so that you can have confidence in your condom. Customize your sexual health and measure for pleasure today. MyONE offers sample kits for $2 and a team of passionate Size Specialists are ready to help you out!

Non-Latex Condoms

What if you're allergic to latex, are you out of luck? No way! There are different brands on the market that offer non-latex condoms. For those with a latex sensitivity or allergy, check out non-latex brands LifeStyles® SKYN® and Durex® RealFeel™. ONE Condoms does not yet have a non-latex condom, but we’re working on it ;)

Lambskin Condoms 

Lambskin condoms are another option for those allergic or sensitive to latex. Like latex condoms, lambskin condoms are up to 98% effective in preventing pregnancy when used properly. However, lambskin condoms do not prevent against sexually transmitted infections. This is because the natural pores in these condoms are large enough for bacteria (like gonorrhea) and viruses (like HIV) to pass through. Learn more about lambskin condoms through CDC

The name is also a little misleading – lambskin condoms are actually made of a pouch-shaped part of the lamb's large intestine. It may sound a little bizarre, but believe it or not, this material has been used for thousands of years.

Where to Buy The Right Condoms for You 

Have you found the perfect condom for you on the above list? Buying ONE Condoms is simpler and smoother than ever: browse our collection of condoms on our site, add to cart and check out. You can even sample condoms to make sure they’re right for you! Shipping is always discreet and secure, and preferred shipping options can be selected on the site.

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