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What Type of Condoms Do Women Like the Most?

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One area of sex education that many people don’t spend a lot of time studying is pleasure – after all, most of us will have some form of a sex life, and we definitely want it to be full of good sex (whatever that looks like)!

Spoiler alert: we will not be able to give you a short answer on this one. Everyone is different, including women! Sometimes discussions around sexuality and pleasure focus on hard and fast rules, and can get lost in the experience of people with penises, missing out on their partners and their needs. Besides, all genders, not just men and women, deserve enjoyable and empowering sexual experiences! And that includes safer sex practices and maintaining excellent sexual health. Let’s talk about some ways to make that happen for you and your partners.

Sexual Happiness, Sexual Health

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We at ONE® truly believe that pleasure and sexual health can go hand in hand in creating explosive and enjoyable sexual experiences! Sexology still has strides to make with understanding sexuality for women and people with vaginas, and is scrambling to catch up. We decided to take on that challenge and offer the greatest sex possible to all of our members. Starting with condoms, we have worked with our team of scientists and sexual health experts to design full shelves of condoms that are engineered with your experiences in mind (especially for but not limited to women and people with vaginas). We call these our pleasure enhancing condoms, and we’re very proud of them. They include textured condoms, flavored condoms and extra thin condoms.

Here are some of the different styles of condoms that we, and our members, love!

1. Textured Condoms

Let’s start with dotted condoms. The name gives these away! This style of condom is a latex condom with raised “dots” along the length of the condom. Why? Well, these dots stimulate nerve endings with gentle friction for your partner with any motion. This is important because much of the sensitive skin around the vulva and anus are full of nerve endings. As your partner(s) experience these sensations, you get to experience their physical reaction first hand. We will warn you, it’s deliciously intense. Want to learn more? Check out our ONE® Super Studs™ condoms, our post and the cool video here!

Secondly, ribbed condoms are latex condoms with little grooves and ridges along their length. This functions similar to dotted condoms, in that the added texture helps stimulate nerve endings through movement. But we went one step further to really enhance the experience! Rather than uniform, predictable patterns, we created ONE® Tattoo Touch® condoms inspired by actual, unique tattoo patterns. With the swirls and swoops of these ridges, you can drive your partner crazy! If you are wearing the condom, as their body contracts to the sensation, it’s very likely you will also feel the ridges pushing back against you. Pretty cool, right?

We also have a style called Pleasure Plus condoms, which were scientifically developed to increase pleasure inside and out. These amazing condom scientists made a pouch at the condom tip that features a ribbed texture for pleasure. The pouch moves back and forth during sex, stimulating both partners. 

You can read more on both of these styles of condom, and the pleasure perks of textured condoms in general, here!

 2. Flavored Condoms

Looking for a sweet and sensual way to enjoy your sexual experience? Flavored condoms are a great way to enhance, especially if you or your partner(s) are partial to any of our six sexy custom flavors, ranging from fruity to minty fresh. Our team of scientists designed them to align with natural pH balances and to taste great as well. These are especially great for oral sex experiences. Check out our ONE® FlavorWaves™ and our post here!

 3. Thin Condoms

Want to feel even more of your partner(s), with the added protection of a latex condom? You and your partner(s) will love extra thin condoms. By scientifically reducing the thickness of the latex, more sensation can be experienced by both partners, without cutting corners on protection or durability. And we have multiple thickness (or thinness, if you will *wink*) options: check out our full stock of hyper-thin ONE® UltraFeel®, ONE® Vanish® Hyperthin® or ONE® Super Sensitive™ condoms.

Not seeing something that tickles you or your partner(s)’ fancy? Pleasure enhancing  condoms or external condoms not really your thing? Don’t worry, we have custom-sized condoms, designed to fit your body and sex life perfectly. And if you’d prefer to take a more active role in your condoms, consider internal condoms, which can be inserted prior to sexual activity and used when the right moment arises. Learn more about those here!

Bonus: Not Just Penetration

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Remember when we mentioned that there are no hard and fast rules with sexuality? Not all of your partners may be able to experience pleasure through penetration alone, and that’s completely healthy too. The body is covered in erogenous zones that can drive your partner(s) wild at the softest touch. Some of the more common examples include ear lobes, the neck, nipples, hands and feet. Lots to choose from, especially if your partner(s) can give you a road map!

And we would be completely remiss if we didn’t spotlight the clitoris. For your partners with vaginas, clitoral stimulation can be a great addition to the sexual encounter. This could range from gently caressing with your fingers, to stimulating through oral sex, or even a sex toy like a vibrator (we have some tips on that here). Your partner knows their body best and can help point you in the right direction, just ask! 

Enhanced Pleasure, Same Safety

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Perhaps the best part of these pleasure enhancing condoms is that they offer all of the same protection and durability that our other varieties of premium latex condoms offer. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Improved Protection from Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs): Latex condoms operate as a barrier (hence, you might have heard the phrase barrier method) to limit skin-to-skin contact and direct contact with bodily fluids. This decreases the likelihood of transmitting an STI between partners during a sexual encounter. This includes all forms of sexual penetration including oral sex, vaginal sex and anal sex.
  • Family Planning and Pregnancy Protection: When used correctly, latex condoms collect semen and other bodily fluids (like pre-ejaculatory fluid, or “pre-cum”) that can transport sperm between partners and lead to unplanned or unwanted pregnancy.
  • Compatible with Water-Based and Silicone Lubricant: Latex condoms can be safely paired with your favorite water-based and silicone lubes for solo, partner and group play! They can also be used with sex toys, if that’s something you and your partner(s) enjoy.

Wrapping Up

Something to remember about all of your experiences and partners is that everyone is unique. It’s always great to pay attention to your partner(s)’ reaction to your touch, as well as engage in active and evolving consent (for example, “Is this ok?” or “Does this feel good?”). However, the best way to know what your partner(s) prefer and how they experience pleasure is by asking, of course! Need help figuring out how to start the conversation? We have compiled some tips and tricks here!

Curious about more information on how people of different genders and with different bodies experience sex and pleasure? Feel free to browse over to our post here to read more!

And last but certainly not least, to purchase any of our pleasure enhancing condoms, you can always shop directly on the site as well as a number of reliable retail locations in your area. We have plenty of other cool top-of-the-line sexual health products too, ranging from your choice of lubes to extra large condoms, plus variety packs and bundles. Pleasure perk alert: there’s free shipping on all orders of $15. Enjoy your enhanced pleasure!

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