What is the difference between ONE® and MyONE® Custom Fit™?

Since our launch in 2004, ONE® has been all about innovation and bringing products to market that help people have amazing, pleasurable safer sex. ONE® Condoms features various condom styles, like our Super Studs™ (textured), Flex™ (made with the wonder material graphene), Glowing Pleasures™ (glow in the dark), Vanish® (Hyperthin), Pleasure Plus® (the sex toy of condoms) — and many more. So many styles, so much to try! These come in the regular condom size. Other than Legend™, which is the extra large condom under ONE®.


After 30+ years in the condom market & because we’re all about body positivity, we knew we had to bring more condom sizes to market. That’s where MyONE® Custom Fit™ & its 52 condom sizes comes in. Have you ever struggled with condom fit, such as slippage, erection loss, squeezing, or bunching? You’re not alone! MyONE® is an extension of the ONE® brand launched in 2017 in the U.S. With 10 different lengths and 9 different widths, MyONE® has sizes snugger and larger than any other brand in the world. MyONE® condoms are hyperthin and lubricated as well for all the feels. You can measure for pleasure to find your FitCode, and then order a sample kit to test your size before you buy.


At ONE® Condoms, we’re ultimately all about helping you find a condom that feels amazing and fits your needs.

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