What sizes does MyONE® Custom Fit™ offer?

MyONE® Custom Fit™ is an extension of the ONE® brand that is all about proper condom fit -- and features 52 condom sizes. MyONE® offers 10 different lengths and 9 different widths, including sizes snugger and wider than anything else on the market. See the size chart here. Length Letters range from: 120mm (4.7 inches) to 237 mm (9.3 inches). And nominal widths from 45mm to 64mm. Get started and find your fit here

ONE® Condoms is more about condom styles, like super studded and glow in the dark. ONE Condoms come in the regular/standard condom size. At this time ONE® Condom products, such as Super Studs™ or UltraFeel®, cannot be ordered to a specific FitCode (size code). 

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