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Estimate Your MyONE size: A How-To Guide with Household Items

We keep hearing people are looking for ways to estimate their MyONE® Custom Fit™ condom size code. We call this your FitCode, which is a combination of a Girth Number and a Length Letter (such as 45C or 64M).

When people want to measure, they can either use our downloadable FitKit® measuring tool that has the Length Letters and Girth Numbers right on the tool. Or they can measure length and girth with a measuring tape (or a piece of paper and a ruler), and then enter their length and girth measurements  here. People can then order a 2-count sample kit that has the size they measured, plus another close size for testing. 

However, we know sometimes people don’t want to or don’t have time to measure. We’ve got options for that, too!

MyONE 3-count Samplers

No measuring needed! Each of our 3-count quick samplers have 3 different sizes within the Snug, Classic or Large range. They also include a FitKit®  measuring tool in case someone wants to take some measurements at home. 

MyONE Perfect Fit Condoms Snug, Classic, Large Samplers

The Snug Sample Kit: Did you know regular condoms are 7 inches long, too long for 91% of people? Choose this sample kit if you find regular condoms too long and/or too loose. For example, many people experience slippage with regular condoms. The Snug Sample Kit includes these MyONE FitCodes: 45D, 47E, and 49F.

The Classic Sample Kit: Choose this sample kit if you find regular condoms are a pretty good fit, but you want to upgrade to a perfect length and width. The Classic Sample Kit includes these MyONE FitCodes: 51F, 53F, 55G.

The Large Sample Kit: Did you know regular condoms are too tight for 70% of people? Choose this sample kit if you find regular condoms too tight or not the right length. Includes 1 condom sample of these MyONE FitCodes: 57G, 60H, 64J.

Pro tip: If you’re a sexy single or generally or you have multiple partners you can keep one of each in your nightstand so that you’re prepared for anything!

Household items to measure length and girth 

Maybe you don’t have a ruler or a measuring tape, which is pretty standard nowadays. Here are some common (and less common) household items you could use to get in the right ballpark! Pro tip: make sure to measure an erect penis. (We get the question a lot if you should measure hard or soft, so there you have it.)

Estimate Your MyONE Size

Everybody has a credit card, driver’s license, gift card, or loyalty card in their wallet. You can use the short side or the long side to get your length estimate as long as you keep the measurements in mind! For reference, if you use the long side twice, that’s a length of about 6.8” which is right around our MyONE H Length Letter code. The short side twice over would bring you to about 4.2” which is our C MyONE Length Letter code!

Estimate Your MyONE Size

It may surprise you to learn that a regular Sharpie is just about the average penis length. At about 5.5”, if your member lines up with the Sharpie that would place you at our F length code. If regular condoms (which are 7 inches typically, too long for 91% of people) are just too long and bunch up too much then this would be a great fit for you!

Estimate Your MyONE Size

Maybe you’re already lubed up and ready to go with one of our OASIS or MOVE lubricants. In that case, hold on tight and start comparing, if you line up in length with one of those 100 ml bottles that would place you right at our C length code. 

And for those girthy folks out there, the circumference of that bottle is right around our widest 64 width code (aka Girth Number)..

Estimate Your MyONE Size

You’re probably holding an iPhone right now to read this post. If you have the standard model (not Pro, Pro max, or mini) iPhone 12, 13, 14, or 15 then you’re in luck. The full length including the screen and phone body come out to right around 5.77”, which would fit comfortably in our F or G Length Code!

If you’ve got an older model or one that is not the standard, you can find all dimensions here.


Estimate Your MyONE Size

It’s a little more challenging to compare when it comes to penis girth, but that won’t stop us from trying. Any golfers out there will be happy to know that a standard golf ball has a circumference of about 5.28”, this falls under our 57 width code (aka Girth Number). If regular condoms are just too snug for you and maybe even impacting circulation, then this would be a great fit!


Estimate Your MyONE Size

If you’re looking for some extra energy during the dirty dance then a cup of coffee would be a great place to start. Don’t throw out the K-cup though, let it cool down and it makes a great tool for measuring girth. The top end of a standard K-cup has a circumference of about 6.28”, which would be our 64 width code. Flip it over and compare to the circumference on the bottom at about 4.71”, this would fall squarely at our 51 width code.

Estimate Your MyONE Size

For those of you with a sweet tooth, or a minty tooth I guess, one of those mini peppermint patty candies would be great for comparison. Those have a similar circumference to the bottom of the K-cup, at about 4.71” which again would be our 51 width code. 

Just as a note, make sure you’re comparing against the minis, a regular peppermint patty has a circumference of almost 8”, which is venturing into horse territory…

Estimate Your MyONE Size

Some of you might be familiar with the toilet paper roll test to determine penis size. Don’t worry, there’s no passing or failing with this kind of test, it’s just a great tool to determine girth so you can get set up with the perfect fit!

The only issue here is that not all toilet paper rolls are a standard size. Different brands will have different widths and even styles within a certain brand can have differing rolls. If you’re planning on using this method then it’s best to go with a standard size, standard plus, non-discount, non-premium variety. 

We did some measuring of our own and here’s what we found: The inside circumference of a standard toilet paper roll is just about 5”. In a MyONE girth code, that would be our 55, which is just slightly wider than a standard condom. If you fit perfectly in the tube with just a little bit of breathing room, then a girth code of 51, 53, or 55 might work for you. All of these can be found in our Classic Sampler here.

Alternatively, if there’s a lot of extra room in the roll then one of our snugger widths would be a good idea. Our 45, 47, & 49 girth codes can be found in the Snug Sampler here.

And if you can’t fit in comfortably or at all, then our Large Sampler would be a great option. That includes our 57, 60, & 64 girth codes here.

The Full MyONE Size Chart

MyONE Size Chart

Explain our number and range of lengths. Explain our number and range of widths. And how the FitCodes work. 

If you’re not familiar with MyONE already, some of the language and terminology we are using might be a little confusing. All of this advice is designed to help you decipher your own personal FitCode. Each of our 52 FitCodes is the combination of a Girth Number and a Letter Code. Combine those to get your FitCode. For example, if your circumference is similar to a golf ball, then your Girth Number could be 57. And if your length is about the same as a sharpie, your Length Letter would be F. Therefore your FitCode is 57F. There are 9 total widths to choose from & 10 different lengths. When you’re using the FitKit, you’ll see those codes directly on the tool. Or you can simply put in your length and circumference measurements here, and the online tool will tell you your MyONE FitCode (size code). The size codes also keep your specific length and width private.

Some people may fall in between two lengths/widths, which is why we offer so many sampler options! The only way to know your FitCode for sure is to try it out. Because at the end of the day, comfort and proper protection are the most important factors! A properly fitting condom should be long enough to cover you from base to tip. But also not so long that there's a bunch of extra latex that hangs at the tip or bunches at the base. When it comes to girth, a condom should be snug enough so it stays on - but not so tight that it causes circulation issues, the dreaded "red ring of death," or erection loss. 

If you ultimately decide that estimation is not for you and you want to measure the old fashioned way, we’ve provided an overview here of the top ten measuring questions we receive.

And of course, you can always contact our wonderful size specialists with any additional questions, concerns, or just to talk penis!

Final fun: All MyONE Condoms are latex condoms made from natural rubber latex. They are vegan-friendly, non-GMO, triple tested, and FDA cleared for the prevention of sexually transmitted infections and unintended pregnancy. MyONE Condoms are also hyperthin, lubricated, and feature technologies like Sensatex, MicroRoll and TotalGlide. They can be used during vaginal sex, oral sex, or anal sex. We also always recommend using extra lubricant with condoms for comfort, pleasure, and helping to reduce condom breakage. Just don’t use any oil-based lubes (such as baby oil), as oil breaks latex condoms.

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