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We Asked, You Answered: Measure A Penis Day Survey 2024

One of the many things we just adore about the MyONE® Custom Fit condom fanbase is the feedback we always get when we send out surveys. 

In advance of our favorite holiday, Measure A Penis Day on February 1st, we asked a few questions through a customer survey about your prior condom fit challenges and the joy of measuring for pleasure.

We asked our MyONE fans, and they responded to a survey. Image says RESULTS FROM OUR MEASURE A PENIS DAY SURVEY 2024

Drum roll please…

Image with a condom sagging off a penis. Text says 90% of people experienced condom slippage with regular condoms,

90% of those surveyed had experienced a hiccup in the bedroom related to improper condom fit. This is why MyONE® Custom Fit™ offers 10 lengths and 9 widths, including the snuggest and largest condoms on the market. By getting a proper condom fit, our customers talk about what a difference it makes for comfort, pleasure and confidence. 

Image of a  condom slipping off a cartoon penis. Text says 50% of people have experienced condom slippage with regular condoms.

50% percent of people surveyed had experienced condom slippage with regular condoms. MyONE solves slippage challenges like no other brand, and no wonder our snuggest size out of all 52 sizes is the top seller. 

MyONE condoms “enabled me to find the right size so that the slippage problems were greatly reduced and sex was much more enjoyable and less stressful,” commented one person in the survey.

“A handful of times, the condom slipped off and got stuck in their vagina, or it was in the process of doing so, so I had to grab it to make sure that didn't happen,” said Johnny in the survey. “MyONE condoms fit perfectly. They are nice and snug, without being overly tight.”

Image of a condom squeezing a cartoon penis with red marks. Text says 27% had experienced the dreaded “red ring of death” (when a condom is so tight in girth it leaves a painful purple mark on the penis after sex).

53% percent of those surveyed had experienced erection loss due to condoms being too tight, and 27% had experienced the dreaded “red ring of death” (when a condom is so tight in girth it leaves a painful purple mark on the penis after sex). Just because condoms stretch, doesn’t always mean they are comfortable to wear. Remember, stretching a condom over the foot is not the same as a penis. Despite its name, there’s no bone in a boner to withstand the pressure of the latex. If the girth of the condom is simply too tight, it can cause instant erection loss, squeezing, and discomfort.

Image of a condom squeezing a cartoon penis. Text says 53% percent of those surveyed had experienced erection loss due to condoms being too tight.

As one customer surveyed said, “Now that I use MyONE Condoms, I no longer have problems with broken condoms, nor do I have the red ring. They are also quicker to put on, so I don't have as many concerns with losing my erection while attempting to slide the condom on. Even better, I can slide it on without them bunching up or rolling up, which I always had assumed was a normal issue for condoms.”

It's no wonder people experience condom fit challenges, given that regular condoms are typically 7 inches long while the average penis is around 5 inches long. Many people also find regular condoms too loose or tight. From an Indiana University study on penis size, regular off-the-shelf condoms are too long for 91 percent of people, too tight for 70 percent of people, and too loose for 20 percent of people. 

Proper condom fit is a key to helping increase their use. When things fit right and feel good, people are more likely to use them. That’s why 93% of those surveyed said they Strongly Agree or Agree that MyONE makes it more likely they’ll use a condom

Image of a MyONE Custom Fit Snug, Classic and Large Sample kit. Text says 93% of people agree or strongly agree they are more likely to use condoms with MyONE Custom  Fit

We asked: Do you have any tips on measuring? Any advice you’d give to someone new? Any advice on how to bring up condom fit with your partner?

And oh my did y'all deliver. See some of our favorite responses below:

“Definitely get the measuring kit and try a size sample pack by yourself before trying new condoms with someone else.” C.A.B.

“Four hands are better than two.” Anonymous

“Everybody wants to feel heard, valued, and understood. When bringing up the topic of condom fit with your partner, asking about and listening to their current experiences is the best place to start. Listening deeply to how they feel builds the trust necessary for them to listen to how you feel. Only after you both understand each others perspectives can you select the right condom fit for your relationship.” Micheal

“It only makes sense to use custom-sized condoms. Yes, condoms have great flexibility to accommodate different sizes. Yet ensuring a proper fit makes using a condom far more comfortable. I give MyOne Condoms a full endorsement.” Anonymous.

“1) Not all penises are straight. Consider using a tape measure (or even a piece of paper) to measure along the penis, which can help capture any length that a straight ruler otherwise may not

2) For girth, measure the thickest part of the penis (never the tip!) 

3) Ensure your erection quality is at its peak when measuring, you might need multiple attempts depending on this! 

4) Optional: If you have a consenting partner, you could ask for their help, a pair of hands may not be enough to manage everything!” - Jax

“Make it a part of foreplay. Do yourself a favor and try a custom fitted condom at least once in your life (as soon as possible). I promise you you'll never go back.” Anonymous.

“One of the main things is be honest with yourself and your partner. If the condom is the wrong size just ignore whatever stigma you've created in your mind. Your pride is nowhere near as important as avoiding mishaps and preventing STI's or pregnancy.” Anonymous.

“Select your size by circumference first, and consider a length that stays anchored for your favorite positions.” Anonymous.

“Communication is key, and proper fit is proper pleasure.” Anonymous.

“You really don't HAVE to tell anyone your size, or tell your partner that they are smaller/larger than standard condoms. With that being said, be honest in your measuring. No one has to know.” Anonymous.

“Measure multiple times with multiple erections.”  Anonymous.

“If you're honest with your measurements you'll have a comfortable condom that you won't dread wearing. If you aren't then it'll be less comfortable and you'll probably not wear them like you should and you could end up with an itchy dick or unplanned crotch goblins.” Andy

“Bedroom talks can be flirtatious... the key to keeping them positive is use gratitude statements and don't make assumptions or accusations. Express how you feel, be accountable for your actions, and make space for your partner to also share their viewpoint. Be curious about your options, don't worry about perfect, and focus on improvements for each other.”  Anonymous.

“Get the printable page and measure yourself. It's a simple process and very accurate. Or....order a sample kit. You get 3 different sizes and can really figure out what size works for you.” Anonymous.

“It's easy enough to bring up condom fit: just ask if he finds his current one comfortable or what he might change about it. Measuring is easy enough, too. As the one asking, you can also offer to measure since he shouldn't have any problem with you touching him. ;)” DJ.

“If you're small-particularly if you are thin like me, be honest with yourself.  Having a properly fitting condom that doesn't slide off is best for everyone.” Half Pint.

“Regarding advice, I'd suggest that anyone new to condom use measure his penis to find the optimal fit, particularly since MyOne condoms can be ordered to size, preventing trial-and-error accidents with regular condoms.” Anonymous.

How to Find Your Perfect Fit Condom: 

A MyONE® FitCode (aka size code) is a combination of a Girth Number (ex. 53) and a Length Letter (ex. H) to get your FitCode (ex. 53H). There are nine different Girth Numbers and 10 different Length Letters.

MyONE Custom Fit condom chart shows the 9 different widths from Super Snug to Super Wide. Length Letters range from E to M.

To measure for pleasure, people can use the downloadable FitKit® measuring tool that has the Length Letters and Girth Numbers right on the tool. Or you can measure length and girth with a measuring tape (or a piece of paper and a ruler), and then enter their length and girth measurements here. Then order a 2-count sample kit that has the FitCode (size code) you measured, plus another close size for testing. If the initial samples are not a great fit, contact our team of Size Specialists who can recommend and send a different sample kit to test based on your experience. 

When you test & confirm your FitCode, MyONE Condoms come in 12-counts and 36-counts -- and monthly subscriptions with discounted pricing. 

No time to measure? Check out the Quick 3-count Samplers in Snug, Classic and Large range. Each kit has 3 predetermined sizes and a FitKit® measuring tool in case you want to take some specific measurements at home.

Thanks again to our MyONE customers for all their input. Now, off to celebrate Measure A Penis Day we go. Wink wink nudge nudge.

Image of  the MyONE Snug, Classic and Large Condom Sampler. Image says What If I Want to Measure My Partner.
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