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Why Custom Fit Condoms Matter

As consumers, we are constantly overrun with choices. Looking for sneakers? First, decide what brand you're into. Next, the type of activity you’ll be doing (lifestyle, running, lifting, etc.). Oh and don’t forget color, style, width, price range, and so on. Every shopping excursion comes with endless options to choose from and the decision fatigue can be real. The condom industry is no different.

ONE® Condoms has been in the sexual health game since 2003 and has seen countless brands and products come to fruition. Ultra-thin. Thin. Extra Large. Vanish. Legend XL. Ribbed. Made with the wonder material graphene. The list goes on and on. 

So when you're walking down the aisle, bombarded with choices, how can you determine what condom will do the most for you? If regular condoms aren't the right fit -- how can you find a condom that DOES fit? You’ve come to the right place.

The short answer? Custom fit condoms. Learn more about how they stand out and why they matter below:

Condom decision fatigue, MyONE Custom Condoms

Endless Selection, ONE Size

The 21st century has been coined “the age of inclusivity” and we’re ALL about it. More than ever before, brands and retailers are growing their size selection to meet the needs of more consumers. While a shift towards inclusivity is being observed across many industries, unfortunately, most of the condom industry is still under a “one size fits all” mentality. 

Despite the plethora of condom styles, you may be surprised to learn that the majority of condoms are made the same size! Standard latex condoms are usually about 7 inches long and have a lay flat width (nominal width) of around 53mm even though all penises are unique shapes and sizes. According to data from a study from Indiana University, standard condoms don’t fit 91% of condom wearers.

This means even with shelves stocked with hundreds of options to choose from, most people still won’t find a condom that fits well. Even condoms marketed as "snug fit" condoms are usually the same length as a regular condom at 7 inches (too long for 91% of people) and are just a bit snugger in nominal width. Many people struggle with condom slippage because they need a condom that is both shorter and snugger. Extra Large condoms are longer than a regular condom by about an inch, but only a few millimeters wider. 

Standard condoms don't fit 91% of condom wearers

Penis owners are often made to feel bad or wrong for not liking the way condoms fit. From TikTok to sex education classes, we constantly observe condoms being stretched over arms, legs, watermelons, and more to prove that condoms can fit “anyone.” Seeing people write off all condom complaints as excuses hurts our hearts because it COULD NOT be any less true. 

Penises are very different from arms (hello, no bone in a boner!), and a bad condom fit can be uncomfortable, painful, slip off, and cause a bad sexual experience for the user. You can learn more about these bogus demonstrations and why they don’t work on our blog post Why Putting Condoms On Random Things Doesn’t Mean Condoms Fit. The bottom line is that penises are special and deserve to be treated with care (not stuffed, poked or prodded). 

The “one size fits all" industry standard has consequences beyond just annoying customers (rightfully so). Our customers report how ill-fitting condoms resulted in breakage, slippage, squeezing, the "red ring of death," and overall discomfort during sexual intercourse. When a condom doesn’t fit properly, sex can go from pleasurable to painful quickly. Customers report how ill-fitting condoms have failed to protect them against sexually transmitted infections and unintended pregnancy, which defeats the whole purpose of wearing a condom in the first place! 

Most condoms are 7-8 inches long, too long for 91% of people. Many condom users assume the regular condom size they see in stores must be that way because most penises are that size, which simply is not true. 

The regular condom size you see in stores was originally developed to be way longer and a lot tighter than what most people need. This was to help ensure the condom would at least be long enough to cover most penises from base to tip, and also snug enough to stay on. Because the typical condom size is not correlated to average penis size at all, many people struggle finding a condom that fits and feels good.

Our Solution

We believe that everyone deserves a condom option that fits comfortably, adds confidence, and enhances pleasure in the bedroom. With so many condoms to choose from, how is it possible that 91% of condoms are still too long for people? And they are too tight for 70% of people. We listened to our customers, heard these frustrations, and decided to do something about it. 

Committed to making safer sex feel good, we created the largest size range of condoms on the market with MyONE® Custom Fit™ Condoms. MyONE Custom Fit (also referred to as MyONE Perfect Fit) offers 10 lengths and 9 different width options for a total of 52 custom condom sizes. 

MyONE Custom Condoms, MyONE FitKit, MyONE Sampler, MyONE 3-pack sampler kit

Not only does MyONE offer sizes snugger and larger than any other brand, but it is also the only product line providing customers with an inclusive width selection. Most brands offering different condom sizes only provide a longer length (like XL and Magnum condoms), failing to recognize the wide range of in penis girths that exist. When a penis is wider than the standard condom, buying an extra LONG condom can actually make the condom fit worse. The extra length creates extra issues, such as the latex getting bunched, tangled, creating friction against itself, and more not-so-good sensations. Because typical XL condoms are longer but not much wider than a regular condom, many people with wide penises that try long condoms experience even more discomfort than they do with the regular size.

Gone are the days when consumers had to “make do” with one size fits all problems because we recognize the need for different sizes both length and width-wise. We also understand that condom shopping can be uncomfortable for some which is why we make finding your custom condom fit at home simple. Learn how you can find your size below.

How It Works and Ways to Measure

We make it easy to find your perfect fit with plenty of online tools and resources. To start, you'll first need to find your MyONE FitCode (aka size code), which is a combination of a Girth Number (ex. 53) and a Length Letter (ex. H) to get your FitCode (ex. 53H).

MyONE has nine different Girth Numbers ranging from 45 to 64. Those numbers also correlate to the Nominal Width (lay flat width) of the actual condom. They are now color coded. MyONE has ten different Length Letters, ranging from C (4.7” in condom length) to M (9.3” in condom length). Fun fact: We didn’t use the letters A and B because one day we hope to introduce two shorter length options. Check out the condom size chart below to visualize just how many sizes we have to choose from.

MyONE Condoms Size Chart

To find your FitCode, you can either measure with our FitKit measuring tool or measure yourself with a ruler.  

1. Measure with our FitKit

Download our FitKit measuring tool on our website and follow the condom instructions to measure length and girth. Combine your Girth Number and your Length Letter to get your FitCode (such as 57J or 45C). Then you can order a sample based on your measurements to check your size. When you find your MyONE FitCode (either by using the FitKit or Enter Your Measurements tool) you will be prompted to “Get Samples” of that FitCode. That will take you to a product page so that you can order a sample kit. The sample kit comes with the size you measured - plus another close size. This is so you can test out something based on your penis length and girth measurements. Just pay shipping on the first sample kit. And if the initial sample kit isn’t a perfect fit, contact our Size Specialist support team. They will recommend and send a complimentary sample kit of another size, based on your experience. See example here of the 53F sample kit page.

2. Measure yourself with a ruler

Get hard and wrap a strip of paper around the widest part of your penis and mark where it overlaps. Measure that length with a ruler. This is your girth measurement. Measure length on the top-side of your erection from base to tip. Curvy? Measure the longer side. To order, enter your measurements in our online tool, and we’ll give you your FitCode. Then order a sample to get your size before you buy.


MyONE Condoms Measuring Options

3. Guess and check

Don’t have time to measure or don’t want to measure? No problem. Our newly launched MyONE® Custom Fit™ Quick Sample Kit 3-Packs are an easy way to test out our size range without measuring. Each sample pack includes three different condom size samples from the Snug, Classic or Large condom range. You can choose a sample kit based on your previous experience with standard condoms. 
Choose the Snug Sample Kit if you find regular condoms too long and/or too loose, choose the Classic Sample Kit if you find regular condoms are a pretty good fit (but you want to upgrade to a perfect length and width), and choose the Large Sample Kit if you find regular condoms too tight or not the right length. Plus a FitKit measuring tool so you can measure and adjust your size at home as needed.

A Customized Future

We believe custom condoms are the future of safer sex. When condoms fit RIGHT and facilitate PLEASURE, more people are likely to use them. This cause and effect can lead to all sorts of positive realities, including decreasing STI rates, unwanted pregnancies, and making safer sex something people seek out more than ever before. 

Condoms are a great way to protect you and your partner, but they are not the only way! Check out the Planned Parenthood website to explore other safety measures you can pair with your MyONE condom and maximize your protection (also, don’t forget to schedule your annual STI testing).

Custom fit condoms are about empowerment just as much as they are about safety. Customized condom sizes allow penis owners to feel seen, heard, and supported while exploring themselves sexually. By only creating one condom size, most of the industry is contributing to the false narrative that condoms fit most people. Condoms do not fit most people, and we’re here to empower penis owners to prioritize their comfort and safety.

Finally, custom fit condoms are changing the way we interact with you! ONE has always been committed to leading open and honest conversations about safe sex, and our MyONE Custom Fit line has allowed us to talk with more customers than ever. Our size specialists are available to help you find your fit by phone or chat Monday through Friday, 9-5. We provide shame free advice so you can experience pleasure like never before.

Still don’t believe MyONE Custom Fit might be the condom fix for you? This ONE condoms review will most definitely seal the deal:

 MyONE Condoms Customer Review

And here’s a few more quotes for fun:

“I used to avoid condoms, engaging in risky behavior, because I couldn't sustain an erection while wearing one. MyONE has literally changed my life, and I have sex that is safe and has more sensitivity than any condom I've ever felt. Thank you!”

“This is a super solid product. I was self-conscious of my size because I could not fill the length of a regular condom but the width was too tight. Happy to find MyONE custom fit.”

“The MyONE 45C condoms fit me perfectly. I didn't think anyone made condoms my size. I was happily surprised.”

“Had great sex last night. I could concentrate on the pleasure and not on the pain of condoms that don’t fit!”

“The only condoms I've found that are small enough for smaller guys.”

“With a correct fit I'm more comfortable and confident.”

“Finally, a condom that doesn’t feel like a tourniquet! Standard condoms are painful to put on and take off. This was paradise.”

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