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ONE® Condoms Solves Condom Fit Issues on Measure a Penis Day

An overwhelming majority of condom users say poor fit of regular condoms has resulted in bedroom mishaps 

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BOSTON (February 1st, 2024) — Celebrated on February 1 to kick of National Condom Month, Measure a Penis Day encourages people to measure for pleasure and talk to their partner about the importance of proper condom fit. Created by ONE® Condoms and its MyONE® Custom Fit™ line of 52 condom sizes, the brand is tackling the preventable statistic that 90 percent of surveyed condom users have experienced a hiccup in the bedroom related to improper condom fit. In light of Measure a Penis Day, ONE is helping to fix those condom mishaps by educating and encouraging those with a penis – and the people that play with them – to accurately measure their member for proper condom fit.

To get ready for Measure a Penis Day this year, ONE® surveyed its customers about their experiences with condom fit and the overall measuring process. Fifty percent of people surveyed had experienced condom slippage with regular condoms. MyONE® Custom Fit™ condoms “enabled me to find the right size so that the slippage problems were greatly reduced and sex was much more enjoyable and less stressful,” commented one person in the survey.

90% of people have experienced a hiccup in the bedroom due to improper condom fit. Cartoon of a penis with a condom that's too big on it.

“A handful of times, the condom slipped off and got stuck in their vagina, or it was in the process of doing so, so I had to grab it to make sure that didn't happen,” said Johnny in the survey. “MyONE condoms fit perfectly. They are nice and snug, without being overly tight.” 

Fifty three percent of those surveyed in ONE®’s customer survey had experienced erection loss due to condoms being too tight, and 27 percent had experienced the dreaded “red ring of death” (when a condom is so tight in girth it leaves a painful purple mark on the penis after sex). Just because condoms stretch, doesn’t always mean they are comfortable to wear.

53% of people have experienced erection loss due to condoms being too tight. Cartoon penis with a condom that's too tight on it.

“There’s a big difference between stretching a condom over a large, solid object like an arm versus a penis. Despite its name, there’s bone in a boner to withstand the pressure of the latex. If the girth of the condom is simply too tight, it can cause instant erection loss, squeezing, and discomfort,” said Milla Impola, Communications Director and Senior Size Specialist at ONE® Condoms. “Our MyONE® Custom Fit™ line helps make sure everyone can find a condom that fits and feels amazing.”

As one customer surveyed said, “Now that I use MyONE Condoms, I no longer have problems with broken condoms, nor do I have the red ring. They are also quicker to put on, so I don't have as many concerns with losing my erection while attempting to slide the condom on. Even better, I can slide it on without them bunching up or rolling up, which I always had assumed was a normal issue for condoms.” 

It's no wonder people experience condom fit challenges, given that regular condoms are typically seven inches long while the average penis is five to five and a half inches long. Many people also find regular condoms too loose or tight. Using data from an Indiana University study* on penis size, regular off-the-shelf condoms are too long for 91 percent of people, too tight for 70 percent of people, and too loose for 20 percent of people. MyONE® Custom Fit™ provides 10 different lengths and nine different girths for a total of 52 unique condom sizes, including the snuggest and largest condoms on the market.


Measure A Penis Day is a time to start open conversations about penis size and how a properly fitting condom increases pleasure, comfort and confidence. Just like with pants, shoes or bras – when gear fits our body comfortably, we are more likely to use them. To help people celebrate, ONE® Condoms created tips on how to talk to a partner about condom size, a Dic(k)tionary on all things condom fit, measuring tips, and content that explains why typical “Snug Fit” and “Extra Large” condoms just don’t measure up.

“After launching MyONE on the U.S. market six years ago, we’ve talked to thousands of condom wearers – and the people they play with – about their condom fit challenges,” said Impola. “A condom that is too tight, too loose, too long, or too short can make anyone feel self-conscious and anxious, which is not how you want to feel in the bedroom. The spirit of Measure a Penis Day embraces that penises come in all different shapes and sizes and that it's really common to not fit in regular, off-the-shelf condoms. It’s time to measure for pleasure, and openly discuss penis size and condom fit.”


A MyONE® FitCode (aka size code) is a combination of a Girth Number (ex. 53) and a Length Letter (ex. H) to get your FitCode (ex. 53H). There are nine different Girth Numbers and 10 different Length Letters.

MyONE Custom Fit condoms has a chart that features 9 girth numbers from Super Snug to Snug and 10 length letters from C to M. Find your perfect fit with

To measure for pleasure, people can use the downloadable FitKit® measuring tool that has the Length Letters and Girth Numbers right on the tool. Or they can measure length and girth with a measuring tape (or a piece of paper and a ruler), and then enter their length and girth measurements here. People can then order a two-count sample kit that has the FitCode (size code) they measured, plus another close size for testing.

If people don’t have time to measure or want to keep a few different sizes in their night stand, they can check out the Quick 3-count Samplers in the Snug, Classic and Large range. Each kit has three pre-determined sizes and a FitKit® measuring tool in case someone wants to take some measurements at home. The brand also has a Size Specialist customer service program that helps people find their FitCode and answer any questions along the way.

MyONE Custom Fit has quick samplers in the Snug, Classic and Large range. Perfect people who don't have tie to measure!

The whole process of measuring can be a lot more fun with a friend. As one customer surveyed said, “Four hands are better than two.”  

“We’ve talked to thousands of customers that discuss the awkwardness and emotional impacts of dealing with condom fit issues in the middle of sex,” said Impola. “But on Measure A Penis Day, we’re encouraging open dialogue about size and fit and infusing some fun and cheekiness into the process! Incorporate measuring into role play, make it part of some steamy foreplay, overall, just have fun with the process!”


A variety of MyONE customers have found that a custom fit condom solved a lot of issues in the bedroom for them (and their partners) and has made a difference in their confidence levels and performance.

“After getting my correct size code (47C), I had no more concern about condom slippage and could finally feel comfortable wearing a condom.” - Anonymous

“Yes, MyONE condoms fit me perfectly and it was a strange sensation having sex without having to constantly check if the condom slipped off.” - Joe.

"It’s kind of like putting glasses on for the first time. ‘So, THAT’S what it’s supposed to feel like.’ Awesome, having a condom that truly fit was something I didn’t know I needed until I felt the difference." - Anonymous

“Everybody wants to feel heard, valued, and understood. When bringing up the topic of condom fits with your partner, asking about and listening to their current experiences is the best place to start. Listening deeply to how they feel builds the trust necessary for them to listen to how you feel. Only after you both understand each other's perspectives can you select the right condom fit for your relationship.” - Anonymous

“One of the main things is to be honest with yourself and your partner. If the condom is the wrong size just ignore whatever stigma you've created in your mind. Your pride is nowhere near as important as avoiding mishaps and preventing STI's or pregnancy.” – Anonymous

“Because of my larger girth size regular condoms greatly prevented feel, was actually painful sometimes and would leave an indented ring. No longer an issue. Feels like I'm not wearing anything and comfortable.” – Anonymous 

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*Herbenick D, Reece M, Schick V, and Sanders SA. Erect penile length and circumference dimensions of 1,661 sexually active men in the United States. J Sex Med 2014;11: 93–101.

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