The ONE Backdoor Pack is now at Walmart! - ONE®

The ONE Backdoor Pack is now at Walmart!

ONE® and MyONE® Custom Fit™ Condoms now available at Walmart stores in the United States

Walmart stores in the United States have three condom styles available from ONE® Condoms, an industry pioneer in innovative safer sex products. 

An image with the ONE Condoms Vanish Hyperthin 12-pack, Super Sensitive 12-pack and Backdoor Pack with text that says Butt Stuff Approved


In February 2022, ONE® and MyONE® Custom Fit™ became the first and only condoms cleared for anal use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The milestone inspired ONE® and Walmart to partner with each other on new packaging that highlights the FDA clearance for safer anal sex. The result is the ONE® Backdoor Pack™, a new three-pack available exclusively at Walmart stores nationwide in the U.S. 

“At ONE®, we’re proud to be leading the way once again with the first condoms FDA-cleared for anal use,” said Davin Wedel, CEO and president of Global Protection Corp, the owner of the ONE® brand. “We couldn't be more thrilled to partner with Walmart to make our products more widely available across the country."

The Backdoor Pack includes samples of the three styles that earned FDA clearance for anal sex:

  • ONE® Vanish®: 25% thinner than the standard ONE® Condom, and specially enhanced with ONE® Move® lubricant.
  • ONE® Super Sensitive™: thin, smooth condoms that feature 50% more lubricant.
  • MyONE® Custom Fit™: Five years ago, ONE® revolutionized the condom industry with the release of MyONE® Custom Fit™, a line of condoms in 52 different sizes to help ensure the perfect fit. Because as consumers have quickly learned, one size definitely does not fit all. 

The ONE® Backdoor Pack™ at Walmart includes a popular MyONE® size, based on customer purchasing habits, that is slightly shorter and slightly wider than a regular condom. The pack also includes a FitKit® measuring tool, so people can measure at home to find their perfect fit.  

In addition to the Backdoor Pack, Walmart stores in the U.S. now carry 12-count packs of ONE® Vanish® and ONE® Super Sensitive™ condoms, both with packaging that highlights “FDA cleared for anal use.” And while size matters when it comes to condoms, so do other things. That’s why Walmart stores also carry the popular ONE® Move® silicone lubricant and Oasis Silk®lubricating lotion so no one will ever be left high and dry.

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Milla Impola, Director of Marketing & Communications



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