Press release: Condom Wrapper Design Contest Combines Art with Activism - ONE®

Press release: Condom Wrapper Design Contest Combines Art with Activism

March 23, 2016
Contact: Milla Impola

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Condom Wrapper Design Contest Combines Art with Activism
All-Star artists created unique designs benefiting health organizations across the world


BOSTON, MA — A Ph.D. candidate in Transylvania. An architectural student in Athens. A furniture designer in Sydney. A street artist in NYC. All four are among nine artists invited to create designs for the All-Star Round of the ONE® Condoms Design Contest. 

For over a decade, the ONE Design Contest has given artists and advocates a platform to express their views on sexual health. During that time, ONE has received more than 20,000 entries and more than 30 million votes. Winning designs are featured on ONE’s signature, round condom wrappers. 

To celebrate, ONE invited some of their favorite artists to create new designs for the ONE® All-Star Round. The website features each artist’s design and profile. 

Fans visit the page to vote on their favorite designs. For each click, ONE will donate two condoms to the artists’ health organizations of choice. At the close of the contest, clinics from the U.S. and Canada—and as far away as Greece and South Africa—will each receive up to 10,000 condoms. 

“ONE’s mission is to increase condom use by creating products and programs that make it easier to learn about, talk about, and practice safer sex,” said Davin Wedel, president of Global Protection Corp., parent company of ONE® Condoms. “Colorful artwork on condom wrappers serves as a conversation starter, makes condoms more accessible, and helps break down stigma around sexual health education and outreach.”

ONE will produce the All-Star designs on condom wrappers and will distribute millions of them through public health organizations worldwide. The artists will also receive a year’s supply of condoms featuring their own designs.

The All-Star Round voting, which began on Feb. 5, 2016, runs until April 30, 2016.

Launched in 2004, the ONE® brand strives to increase condom usage and facilitate conversations about sexual health by surprising, delighting, and engaging people in ways no one else can. As a leader in premium-branded condoms and lubricants in North America, ONE brings a fresh perspective to sexual health through a fusion of advanced product design, manufacturing technology, customer participation, and social responsibility. ONE is a member of the Global Protection Corp. family of sexual health products. 

All-Star Artists and their health organizations of choice:

Full bios can be seen by clicking here. 

Artist: Andrea Cabuz (Transylvania)

Benefit organization: BAGLY: Boston Alliance of GLBT Youth

Artist: Lorenzo Calcagno (Canada)

Benefit organization: Brock University, Ontario, Canada

Artist: Tom Fereday (Sydney, Australia)

Benefit organization: Donald Woods Foundation, South Africa

Artist: Kelsie Greenberg (Los Angeles, California)

Benefit organization: Planned Parenthood of Los Angeles

Artist: Kyriakos Polyzogopoulos (Patras, Greece)

Benefit organization: Athens Checkpoint HIV Testing Center

Artist: Stephen Sheffield (Boston, Massachusetts)

Benefit organization: Being Alive, Los Angeles

Artist: Leila Singleton (San Francisco, California)

Benefit organization: San Francisco AIDS Foundation

Artist: Amy Thornton (Maryland)

Benefit organization: University of Maryland Health Center

Artist: Col Wallnuts (New York City)

Benefit organization: Bridging Access to Care, Inc. in New York City



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