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Measure for perfect fit: ONE® Condoms to provide 60 condom sizes

The historic introduction includes sizes larger and smaller than anything currently available on U.S. market

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Boston, MA — When it comes to condoms, proper size matters. ONE® Condoms is excited to introduce 60 perfect-fit condom sizes to the United States. These include sizes larger and smaller than those currently available, marking a historic shift in the range of condoms that are cleared for sale by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). ONE has also acquired TheyFit Condoms, a popular European brand that will be relaunched as myONE Perfect Fit® condoms.

Does condom size really matter?

Research consistently shows that many men avoid condoms because they do not fit or are uncomfortable. In studies dating back to 1993, 40-45 percent of men have suffered problems with fit or comfort from “one-size-fits-all” condoms. Common complaints include the condom being too loose, tight, long or short, resulting in loss of erection, de-sensitivity, and difficulty achieving orgasm.

Safety may be compromised due to improper coverage if the condom is too short. Research also shows that men who wear condoms that do not fit properly are more likely to report slippage and breakage of the condom. In a large condom study of 820 men conducted by Indiana University researchers, fitted condoms broke half as often as one-size-fits-all condoms. The study also found users of fitted condoms were much more likely to purchase or recommend a fitted condom over a one-size-fits-all condom.

“We believe that condom fit is the next great frontier when it comes to increasing use and acceptability,” said Davin Wedel, president of Global Protection Corp., parent company of ONE® Condoms. “Shoes and pants come in different sizes, so why not condoms? We’re very excited to bring this solution to millions of men who are frustrated by condoms that just don’t work for their bodies.”

When myONE is made available in the United States, customers will measure their penis using a FitKit and receive a unique product code that corresponds to their myONE size. Purchases may be made at and authorized resellers, and product is shipped discreetly to customers.

Historic shift in available condom sizes now cleared for sale by the FDA.

The introduction of myONE required an expansion to condom sizes permitted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Condoms are classified as Class II medical devices, and must conform to standards set by ASTM International, a global standards development organization. The new myONE sizes come after years of advocacy to update condom testing standards to more accurately reflect penis size. 

“In order to sell myONE, a considerable amount of time was spent with the FDA, researchers, and ASTM over the past few years to show that the current range of sizes just wasn't enough for a majority of consumers,” said Wedel. “Years of effort have been put into updating the American standards, which had not been updated since 2003.” 

Prior to myONE, the minimum allowed condom length set by ASTM was 6.69 inches—with the introduction of myONE, condoms will be available starting at 4.92 inches. The allowed condom width set by ASTM prior to myONE was 1.85 to 2.24 inches. MyONE widths will range from 1.77 to 2.52 inches. In contrast, studies show that penis size varies greatly, with lengths ranging from about 1.57 to 10.24 inches and widths ranging from about 0.5 to 3.16 inches. 

MyONE will offer an array of 60 condom sizes, with combinations of 10 condom lengths and 9 condoms widths—representing a more accurate range of penis size. The company selected its sizes based on data from TheyFit, a popular European brand which it acquired in 2015.

“When we reviewed the data, it was surprising to see that only 12 percent of purchases were within the current American standard,” said Jared Maraio, Senior Director of Brand Strategy. “Based on the data, myONE will offer sizes properly fitting 80 percent of condom purchasers. Another 10 percent will find a substantially improved fit over regular condoms. It’s our goal to ensure that myONE supports the great majority of men, and we’ll continue to develop the product as we gather more information.”

Public health implications

The introduction of an expanded range of condom sizes may also have positive ramifications for the public health sector, where health educators often meet resistance to condom use because of comfort.

“There's a common health demonstration where an educator will put their fist, a watermelon, or some other large object inside a condom to show that it’s silly for guys to complain about condom fit,” said Maraio. “Just because something fits, it doesn't make it comfortable. myONE makes the argument that people don't have to choose between comfort and safety.”

The effect that myONE may have on public health efforts is particularly important to Wedel, who founded Global Protection Corp. with a mission to improve acceptance of condoms to prevent the transmission of HIV. In addition to the ONE® brand, Global Protection Corp. is the country’s largest distributor of safer sex products to the public health sector. 

“Providing an expanded range of condom sizes has powerful implications for increasing condom use and making a positive impact on public health over all,” said Wedel. “We’re looking forward to working with our partners in the health community to identify strategies to eliminate barriers to condom use with myONE, particularly among at-risk populations.”


About ONE®

Launched in 2004, the ONE® brand strives to increase condom usage and facilitate conversations about sexual health by surprising, delighting, and engaging people in ways no one else can. As a leader in premium-branded condoms and lubricants in North America, ONE brings a fresh perspective to sexual health through a fusion of advanced product design, manufacturing technology, customer participation, and social responsibility. ONE is a member of the Global Protection Corp. family of sexual health products.


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