ONE® hides Pokémon-themed condom tins at Boston Poké-walk - ONE®

ONE® hides Pokémon-themed condom tins at Boston Poké-walk

ONE® hides Pokémon-themed condom tins at Boston Poké-walk
Oh! What’s this? A rare ONE Poké Ball!

Boston, MA—Boston-based ONE® condoms participated in the Boston Poké-walk held on Saturday, July 23, at the Boston Common by hiding Pokémon-themed condom tins at the pokéstops around the park.

“At the heart of our company is starting condom conversations in interesting and fun ways,” said Milla Impola, marketing communications manager at ONE. “We’re passionate about making it easier to learn about, talk about, and practice safer sex.”

The “ONE Poké Balls” were created out of ONE Condom Tins, which are round condom travel cases. Staff painted the condom tins to look like the iconic Poké Balls.

“Poké Balls are round, just like our ONE condom wrappers. ONE condoms are the only condom wrappers on the market that come in round packaging, and feature hundreds of fun, colorful designs,” said Impola.

ONE staff hid the ONE Poké Balls across the Boston Common park, and watched as people smiled when they found them.

“As Pokémon fans ourselves, we dressed up in costumes and gave people clues how to find us on social media,” said Jesse Saler, senior designer and resident Pokémon enthusiast at ONE. “Afterward we checked out the places where we hid the ONE Poké Balls, and all had been picked up.”

Each condom tin contained a discount code for The prizes varied in rarity and value, just like Pokémon. The tone of the messages also mirrored the language in the game, for example, “Oh! What’s this? A rare ONE Poké Ball!” and “A wild CODE appeared!”

For those who did not catch a ONE Poké Ball, you can learn how to create your own by visiting the DIY Blog Post.

To download and see photos from the event, click here.

About ONE®

Launched in 2004, the ONE® brand strives to increase condom usage and facilitate conversations about sexual health by surprising, delighting, and engaging people in ways no one else can. As a leader in premium-branded condoms and lubricants in North America, ONE brings a fresh perspective to sexual health through a fusion of advanced product design, manufacturing technology, customer participation, and social responsibility. ONE is a member of the Global Protection Corp. family of sexual health products.

Milla Impola

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