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Winning Condom Wrapper Designs Celebrate Canada 150

To celebrate Canada’s 150th Anniversary, ONE® Condoms asked Canadians to design a condom wrapper for Canada. After the ONE Canada Design Contest received hundreds of submissions from people across the country, the contest judges helped select the Top 50 designs. Finally the public cast over 14 thousand votes, and the winners have now been announced at: 

Emma Scott's “I’d Tap That design featuring a maple syrup tap was voted as the Grand Prize Canada Winner, and her “Get (P)laid” design was voted as a runner-up.

“I never thought I would be so excited to see my art being ripped up and thrown away, but here I am putting my designs onto ONE Condom wrappers for all consenting adults across Canada,” said Emma Scott. “This contest was the perfect way for me to sprinkle my sense of humour into my design work, and I'm so glad Canada loved them!” 

The four other Runners-Up featured a “Loonie ONE” coin, some frisky moose with “Wild ONE” text, a couple in bed saying “Sorry,” and a design featuring “ONE Tall Toque.” 

“I couldn’t resist such a quirky contest in celebration of this great country of ours. I was laughing throughout the entire process of creating this design, and I’m thrilled that I could bring that feeling to other people. I hope it makes people laugh all over this wonderful and loving country,” said A. E. Thompson, who created the “Loonie ONE” design.

Regional winners were selected by the contest judges, and included “Snakebite,” a couple of bears getting wild, a map celebrating “ONE Nation,” and a hockey-themed design with “The Great ONE.”

“My design stems from Canada's history and love for the good ol' hockey game,” said Amanda Cicero, who was selected as the Regional Winner for the Ontario Contest Region. “This was a really fun project for me and I am very grateful to ONE for giving us Canadian artists an opportunity to express our love and appreciation for our great country in the best way we know: epic art!”

The team at ONE also selected 29 additional favorites called "Staff Picks". Those included humorous designs, such as a design featuring “Poutine It In,” a “ONE Happy Moose” with a bra on its antlers, and plenty of “Cheeky” and lovable beavers. Other Staff Picks included a “Cold ONE” painting, representations of Indigenous culture, and Canada photography.

"I chose to submit my design for this contest because I not only wanted to ‘make it rain’ my condom design, but because I saw a need to contribute to a much needed conversation about safer sex in our communities,” said Staff Pick winner Cassidy Luteijn. “ONE Condoms has given me a platform in which to open that dialog as well as share my art on a larger scale than I ever could have dreamed of!"

“We’re so impressed by all the designs across Canada, from loonies and lumberjacks to condom igloos and beavers,” said Davin Wedel, founder of ONE Condoms. “Starting condom conversations, ONE Canada-Condom at at time!”

One of the contest judges, Dr. Laurie Betito, president of the Sexual Health Network of Quebec and director of the Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center, said: “What an honour to have been chosen as a judge for ONE Condoms, who have proven themselves to be a truly responsible company in terms of their community involvement and advocacy for safer sex practices. There were so many creative entries that it was hard to choose. Congratulations to all our designers!”

Each of the winners will receive a cash prize, a year’s supply of condoms featuring their winning artwork, an artist profile at, and a donation of up to 10,000 condoms to the Canadian health organization of their choice. ONE will also donate a total of 150,000 condoms to various Canadian organizations dedicated to promoting sexual health education and outreach.

Together the winning designs are called the “ONE Canada Collection,” and condoms featuring the collection will be available through select retailers in Canada and distributed to public health clinics and health organizations across the country later this year. 

Condoms are the most effective way to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancies. ONE was founded in 2004 with the core belief that if you put interesting and engaging artwork on condom wrappers, it helps start a conversation about the use of condoms and safer sex. ONE’s signature, circular condom wrappers feature hundreds of different designs and unique design collections.

In 2015, ONE partnered with celebrated New York street artists to create a condom collection to address the disproportionately higher rates of HIV in urban centres as part of its Lust for Life campaign. ONE has also helped to host local condom wrapper design contests in cities such as Los Angeles, as a way to promote positive engagement about sexual health. Most recently, ONE partnered with Toronto Public Health to launch the condomTO contest for the public to design the official Toronto Condom, and Ottawa Public Health for their Ottawa 2017 condom campaign.

To set up an interview with ONE or the contest winners, please contact Milla Impola, Marketing Manager at ONE® Condoms. or 617-946-2800. 

To learn more about the winners, including artist and judge bios:

To learn more about the ONE Canada Design Contest rules and guidelines: 

About ONE®

Launched in 2004, ONE is a socially responsible business committed to raising sexual health awareness. ONE works with artists, health activists, and customers to make a difference in their community. As a leader in premium-branded condoms and lubricants in North America, ONE brings a fresh perspective to sexual health through a fusion of advanced product design, manufacturing technology and customer participation. ONE Condoms are available for purchase at and select retailers in Canada including Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmaprix.

ONE is a member of the Global Protection Corp. family of sexual health products. All ONE Condoms are manufactured by Karex Berhad, the world’s largest condom manufacturer. A trusted partner for over 20 years, Karex Berhad purchased a stake in Global Protection in 2015 for the purpose of expanding the ONE brand throughout the world. For more information about ONE, go to


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