Body Positive & Inclusive Language

Size does matter, So do words

We know MyONE®’s custom sizing and condoms help address the important issue facing up to 91% of condom users: improper fit and discomfort. Once customers try our perfect fit condoms, they rave about what a difference proper fit makes. No longer do they have to hold on to their condom during sex (because condoms are too long or loose) nor do they have painful rings on their penis or loss of erection (because condoms are too tight).

Yes, condoms can stretch over an arm or a watermelon – but did anyone ever ask the watermelon how it feels? There are bones in arm, but a penis can go instantly soft if a condom is too tight (no bones in “boner”). Plus, that activity of putting a condom over an arm to try and prove condoms fit everyone completely forgets about people for whom condoms are actually too loose on, and who experience condom slippage. Doesn’t everyone deserve to have a comfortable experience with condoms?

To help inspire more body positive conversations about condom size and fit, we put some tips on how to have that conversation with a partner, client or anyone who struggles with the standard condom size not fitting right.

But first, some notes about language:

  1. Avoid gender-specific terms, such as talking about “boyfriend/girlfriend” or “husband/wife” – there are simple ways to swap in “partner” or “partners” to avoid alienating.
  2. When discussing anatomy, remember that all bodies are different, especially for members of the LGBTQ+ community – while “penis” and “erection” are generally accepted, you will want to be cognizant of using gendered possessives like “man’s” or “male’s” in front of them.
  3. If sexual orientation or gender identity are part of your discussion, we advise that you ask open-ended questions like, “Do you feel comfortable sharing your sexual orientation or gender identity?” or “How do you identify in terms of…?” rather than offering verbal multiple-choice answers that may be limiting.


"I’ve always felt super self-conscious about ill-fitting condoms. It often times led me to perform below standard out of embarrassment, or sometimes just shy away from the entire episode altogether. Since finding myONE® Condoms, I have found a comfort level that has put me more at ease, and allows me to focus more on the experience, than the fear and embarrassment aspect of a loose condom that might slip off in the process.""

"Having real options when it comes to the size of a condom is very important to me. I have hated condoms for 15 years because they were either too tight or magnum. Everyone deserves to have pleasurable sex without sacrificing safety."

“myONE® significantly improved my sex life. It allows me to just enjoy and do not worry about the logistics down there.”

"Perfect fit condom for a smaller than average penis! I've struggled with off the shelf condoms for several years. They are much too long causing bunch up at the base of my penis constricting blood flow and often totally slip off during sex. Realizing my penis is shorter and considerably thinner than average I was able to find a perfect fit condom that stays in place. I can't believe the difference! I can actually feel sex and my wife says she is much more satisfied! A mighty buy for smaller penises.”

"Honestly, all in store condoms I've tried are so tight that an orgasm is extraordinarily painful and penetrative sex is very uncomfortable. Having MY size is the difference between night and day."

"Sex is a very pleasurable experience and it’s also a huge gamble; will the condom break or worse; will it be too big? The custom condom that you sent me are the answer to my questions. So instead of focusing on questions of doubt and fear; I’ll get focused on pleasing my partner!!”


DO focus on how myONE® condoms can address many concerns with condom sizing, fit and comfort DON’T perform a stretch test using your arm or other item — stretchiness is less of an issue than comfort
DO use language that is inclusive of all gender identities and sexual orientations DON’T assume gendered terms like “boyfriend,” “girlfriend,” “husband” or “wife,” or “male partner”
DO rely on data and consumer research about how common issues with condom fit and discomfort are, and remind users that they are among the 91% of users who do not find proper fit with traditionally sized condoms DON’T alienate customers by implying (accidentally or otherwise) that their bodies are inadequate or unusual (too big, too small, etc.), and that's why they experience issues with condom use
DO respect customers’ comfort level with discussing a subject as sensitive and personal as condom size DON’T assume everyone that complains about condom fit is just trying to avoid condom use